What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

It is no wonder that Bitcoin is the most powerful cryptocurrency today, we’re talking about its growing numbers in terms of users, value, and revenue. But for beginners, the answer to what is Bitcoin and what it can do still remain unclear. Some still try to depict the nature of Bitcoin while looking for ways to integrate the cryptocurrency with their needs, and we are here to change all of that. Before going over the uses of Bitcoin, how to buy bitcoins, how to sell bitcoins, and how to store bitcoins, you are encouraged to apprehend the basics of Bitcoin first. Here’s an overview of Bitcoin and its notable characteristics.

Bitcoin was introduced to the public in January 2009 and referred to as the first-ever decentralized digital currency. All Bitcoin transactions are solely peer-to-peer. There are no middlemen , banks, as well as governments involved between the senders and receivers of the digital coins. It allows you to buy and sell products or pay for services using only the address encrypted in a Bitcoin wallet. Easy, right?

After the acquisition of a Bitcoin wallet, you can buy and sell bitcoins on special ATMs or Bitcoin exchange sites. This serves as a part of your foundation if you want to start Bitcoin NFL betting. Learn how to store and spend your bitcoins properly so you could keep your winnings without hassle when the time comes.


Knowing what is Bitcoin is just the beginning. The learning doesn’t end there. It is also important to understand what is can do for you and how can it help you achieve maximum comfort when transacting online. Below are the unique features Bitcoin has:

Anonymity – Your Bitcoin wallet, betting accounts, and other transactions are never connected to your personal identities. You are only connected with people or companies via addresses, the encryption used every time you transact. This is one of the many advantages that gives Bitcoin the edge over traditional currencies.

Coverage and Speed – Despite everyone not knowing what is Bitcoin, the digital currency covers transactions done from any part of the world. Its network reaches anyone who has access to the Internet. Over and above, these transactions are confirmed in a couple of minutes or even seconds in some cases. This speediness allows you to bet on NFL before or during the game, even if tables turn and odds shift occurs; hence, you can still change or hold on to your picks.

Security – All digital funds and transactions are recorded in a public key cryptography system powered by the blockchain technology, which is Bitcoin’s distinct network that makes peer-to-peer payments possible. This means that you are the sole owner of your addresses and nobody can manipulate or hack your accounts. After all, security is one of the most important aspects online bettors look for, and Bitcoin can keep your peace of mind with its solid line of defense.

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