Decimal, Fractional And US Odds

Decimal Fractional and US odds

According to research, NFL betting accounts for over 40% of their entire sports betting industry. That’s why it’s no surprise that many people look for tips and tricks and use their skill participate and make winning picks. In this vein, our NFL betting guide now includes an introduction to Decimal, Fractional and US odds to give you more grip regarding NFL betting predictions, odds, and statistics.


If you’re planning to start NFL Bitcoin betting, it’s important to understand the odds—especially the most commonly used ones in American football: Decimal, Fractional and US odds. In sum, betting odds represent the probability that an outcome is going to happen. It enables a bettor to add up how much money he or she is going to win if the bet is right. To say it simply, you can use betting odds provided by sportsbooks to either calculate your winnings or calculate the probability of an outcome.


The three main types of betting odds are Decimal or European, Fractional or British, and Moneyline or US. These are the different representation of your winnings—the ways of presenting the probable results and payouts. In actuality, the percentage probability or chance provided by Decimal, Fractional and US odds has no difference. The only determining quality of each odd is their numerical representations. You can convert each odd to any type of odds you’re comfortable with.

Decimal odds – Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada often use decimal odds to represent the percentage probability. For many, decimal odds are much easier to understand, calculate, and work with than Fractional and US odds since it is a simple metric system showing that the odds and payout for every unit you stake. The presented odds are automatically equal to your payout.

Fractional odds – Commonly found in British and Irish sportsbooks, fractional odds are reported to be used by several of the world’s largest bookmakers. Many are partial to the numerical representation of the percentage probability. A fractional listing would mean that you win the amount presented on the numerator (the number on top) against every bet you wager or the denominator (the number below).

US odds – US odds are, of course, mostly used in the United States. This type of odds has a central focus on the favored team and the underdog. The odds for the crowd’s favorite are presented with a minus (-) sign and the amount you need to stake to win 100 mBTC. The odds for the underdog, on the other hand, are presented with a positive (+) sign and the amount you might win for every 100 mBTC staked.

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