NFL Bet Types

NFL Bet Types

NFL betting is a major component of the sports betting circle. With the Super Bowl taking over the world every February, there is no denying that American football beloved by many and an exciting sport to watch and bet on. Taking that on board, all participating bettors need a proper NFL betting guide to be used at all times, and along with it are the NFL bet types that they can take advantage of.

American football is a large entity, and the corresponding events and tournaments for this sport have complex formulas. Considering this, online sportsbooks introduce several NFL bet types bettors can pick depending on the condition of the game. There is no shortage of the betting options presented by Bitcoin and fiat sportsbooks, making it a preferred option of many.

MONEY LINE BET – Also called head to head betting, it is the simplest type of bet as the bettor only needs to bet on the outcome of the game. The choices are limited to home team winning the game or away team winning the game.

POINT SPREADS – Money line bets are the most popular option for other traditional sports. But in American Football, Point spread and Asian handicap betting rules them all. Point Spread allows bettors to wager on on who will win the game while the favored team and the underdog are handicapped by a certain number of points. It makes the game even. Moreover, sports a more detailed guide that covers point spread bets.

OVER OR UNDER BET – These bets come in when a sportsbook sets a point total and allows bettors to bet on whether the combined score of both teams will go lower or higher than the bookmaker’s set total.

PARLAYS – Parlays are a combination of two or more football sides. This bet allows the bettor to wager on multiple teams with one condition: all chosen sides must win. This might be tricky for some since it requires multiple guesses, but Parlay bets often lead to large payouts.

DRAW NO BET – This type of bet is mostly popular on football and cricket, since other traditional sports are impossible to have a draw. Draw No Bet is betting on an outcome between the away team and the home team, expecting that a draw will refund your stakes.

PROPOSITION BET – This bet is one of the most unique and entertaining NFL bet types. Often called as “Prop Betting”, proposition bets allow bettors to wager on all sorts of conditions such as team statistics and individual player performance. The most common ones being wagered include which team or player will score first and whether a team’s first possession will be a touchdown.

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