NFL Betting Exchange

NFL Betting Exchange

People have been obsessed with NFL betting ever since Bitcoin was introduced to the world and gave birth to Bitcoin NFL betting. The convenience of modern technology gave way to a bigger and better gambling scene through online sports betting sites. Bettors can search for NFL betting guide, markets, and predictions in a matter of seconds, but what everyone is really intrigued about is NFL betting exchange. Part of our NFL betting guide includes these exchanges, which will surely broaden your options and will provide you with more exciting and rewarding NFL betting.

The format and use of NFL betting exchanges improve the overall quality of bettor-engagement in American football. It created a major impact on the sports betting industry, but not totally replaced the function of sports betting sites. You still get the best of both worlds today. Nevertheless, using betting exchanges during NFL games can be exciting and profitable for those who are inclined to exert time and effort.


Several years before, bets could only be placed against or on the bookmaker. But times have changed and there are more exciting ways to spend your money such as in betting exchange sites. You now have the power to interact with other bettors and enthusiasts in the industry without limiting yourself to one sportsbook.

NFL betting exchange is also called as peer to peer (P2P) betting between participating bettors. You are betting against another person, not the bookmaker. You are not supposed to beat the house edge, you are aiming to get ahead of the other bettors. As there might be only two outcomes at the end of the game, you can either take the side of the backer and “back” the outcome to win or take the side of the layer and “lay” the outcome to lose. The absence of the bookmaker requires the “layer” to take its place, but the commission from the bets placed will go to the NFL betting exchange site.

Given the peer-to-peer betting among bettors, the betting exchange has the following functions:

  • The middleman between the backer and the bettor
    (who takes 2% – 4% commission from the winner’s profit).
  • The selector of betting markets available.
  • The matchmaker of backers and layers.
  • The keeper of the backers and layers’ money while the outcome is pending.
  • The cashier handing out the winner’s prize with the losers money.

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