NFL Betting Rules

NFL Betting Rules

American football is one of the top choices for sports bettors around the world. After having been predominantly associated with sports in North America, it started to spread its exposure across the world through the National Football League (NFL). Today, there are over 80 countries that allocated governing bodies and federations for the sport. Continuing on the popularity line, NFL attracted the interest of online sports betting. Many fans became bettors to widen the scope of their participation and to earn more bitcoins, the most coveted digital currency today.

Furthermore, the reception of people to Bitcoin NFL betting is reason enough for to come up with an effective and comprehensive NFL betting guide showing the key NFL betting rules:

Betting Results

Online bets are settled on the official result announced by the NFL’s official governing body immediately after the match or tournament ends. The winners and losers are determined by the final score, including the overtime if there is any. If a match is abandoned, postponed or there are factors that affect the official date, all bets will be made void and all bets are refunded.

Schedule of Bets

Another important highlight of NFL betting rules is the schedule. NFL events are always based on time-specific markets. There are weekly specials that a sportsbook might apply to all matches played during the NFL Week Schedule. Sunday Early Specials are only applicable to games set to take place at 6 PM. Sunday Late Specials, on the other hand, are only applicable to matches set to take place from 9 PM onward. You have to be updated with the complex tournament schedule of NFL before betting as it is a crucial aspect of your betting experiences.

Overtime Conditions

Bettors shouldn’t worry about overtime as it counts for all bets, but the results can also depend on the time you placed your bets. All wagers happening before the game, during actual game, and the 2nd half of the game will include any overtime that takes place. Consequently, all wagers on the 4th quarter will not include any overtime that can occur.

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