NFL Extends Virtual OffSeason Program Through May

NFL Extends Virtual OffSeason Program Through May

While the nationwide lockdown in the United States remains active, the NFL tries its best to maintain productivity. The league announced the extension of its virtual offseason programs in coordination with the 32 participating teams of the 2020 season.

Normally, NFL teams hold organized team activities in May, followed by their June minicamps. But since public gatherings are prohibited, the NFL now hosts such activities remotely. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the league followed its regular programming of releasing regular-season schedule and hosting scouting combine, free agency, and NFL draft, which gives more hope to Bitcoin NFL odds markets and betting enthusiasts alike.

The NFL sent a memo to all teams and players regarding the extension of the virtual offseason workout program. The virtual offseason program is extended to May 29. All teams must conclude their reports and activities in June.

“All offseason workout programs must conclude by June 26. In the event Club facilities reopen at some point in June, under protocols established by the League in consultation with our medical advisors, the remaining on-field portion of the program will be determined in consultation with the Joint Committee and will be promulgated to Clubs at the earliest possible date,” the memo says.

Virtual OffSeason Protocols

Aside from the extension, the memo includes a set of modified rules for the collective bargaining agreement and team virtual interaction. All training and activities should now be done virtually in place of on-site and on-field work.

Coaching and training staff should work with individual players to conduct classroom instructions and on-field activities via digital tools. Instead of actual team facilities, all players will use online applications. Participants can attend virtual meetings four hours per day, four days a week.

Each participating team can send up to $1,500 to its players to purchase their own equipment for the video sessions. For organizational purposes, all 32 teams are required to submit plans for reopening their facilities to the NFL. The deadline is on Friday, May 15. The reopenings, meanwhile, have no definite dates yet.

The memo demands that offseason workout programs must conclude by June 26, but the NFL says that the schedule might still change depending on the status of the COVID-19 situation.