NFL Requires Attending Fans To Wear Face Masks

NFL Requires Attending Fans To Wear Face Masks

Good news for NFL Fans! The NFL announced that it will welcome a small number of fans in multiple stadiums to watch 2020 games provided that they follow the league’s own health and safety protocols, especially the use of face coverings.

Local and international health officials allowed the NFL to host its 2020 season with an audience on the field. However, the league is also responsible for ensuring that fans, players, and staff will follow the health and safety standards imposed by health officials. The number one rule for attending fans today, according to the NFL, is to wear a face mask.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy announced the news on Twitter yesterday. Accompanied by a selfie of him wearing a face mask, McCarthy tweeted: “For those wondering, yes, it is league-wide.”

McCarthy’s announcement is backed by the NFL’s new mandate, which contains the final list of safety and health protocols for the return of the season. The league is still finalizing its COVID-19 protocols ahead of the training camp schedule.

As the new mandate is said to be league-wide, the face mask requirement supersedes the local COVID-19 protocols of the city stadiums. Meaning, if the state or city doesn’t require its citizens to wear a face mask, the NFL still has the right to enforce it at the entrance if a fan enters the stadium without a mask or proper face covering.

Despite this new rule from the league, the NFL clarifies that team owners and organizations still have the right to forbid their fans from entering the stadium or attending their games. Several teams allowed the presence of a live audience, but some teams also announced that no fans will be allowed at their games until further notice.

The New York Giants and New York Jets, for one, banned the entry of fans at MetLife Stadium until 2021. The Atlanta Falcons, meanwhile, is one of the teams that will allow the entry of 10,000-20,000 fans into Mercedes-Benz Stadium this fall.

The NFL’s new mandate is approved by the NFLPA and its hesitant players. Both parties are now one step closer to completing the COVID-19 protocols for the return of the season.