The NFL Is Ready To Re-Evaluate Its One-Helmet Rule

The NFL Is Ready To Re-Evaluate Its One-Helmet Rule

The National Football League always had strict rules regarding players’ gears. Since 2013, the league imposed the “one-helmet” rule that requires teams to only use one helmet shell for the entire season due to safety reasons. As many fans and critics find the rule absurd, the NFL is reportedly planning to amend the rule in 2021. With the league on break now and a potential schedule shift that affects Bitcoin NFL betting markets, the commission now has more time to polish this rule.

One-Helmet Rule History

The one-helmet rule was triggered by an incident involving Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The team pleaded to wear white helmets to match their popular “Creamsicle” orange uniforms instead of their normal pewter headgear. The NFL forbade the team due to a health and safety ruling.

Following the incident, the official rule was announced in 2013 by the NFL’s Head, Neck, and Spine Committee, chaired by Drs. Hunt Batjer and Richard Ellenbogen, and the Player Safety Advisory Panel, chaired by John Madden and Ronnie Lott. The league’s members and executive restricted players to wear different helmets as part of a “Throwback” or “Third” uniform:

“Teams may continue to wear throwback uniforms under league guidelines, but players must wear their regular helmets. The outside of the helmet can be modified by removing or replacing decals, as long as it does not affect the integrity of the helmet. The committees believe that a cautious approach to the changing of helmets is an important best practice for player safety. This change is consistent with the numerous changes we have made in recent years regarding uniforms and equipment.”

Re-Evaluation Of The Rule

There has been considerable debate over the NFL’s One-Helmet rule and its effectiveness. It limits the time players have to change and break-in new helmets during the season, but the rule is not a proactive approach to protect players. Further, college football leagues like the NCAA doesn’t apply the rule. It’s not a universally-accepted idea in the United States or football in general.

After years of receiving suggestions and recommendations from fans and critics, the NFL is finally willing to listen. It was reported that the organization will re-evaluate their stand on the issue. The re-evaluation was confirmed by Buccaneer’s head coach Bruce Arians on The Dan Patrick Show.