Washington Redskins Changes Logo And Nickname

Washington Redskins Changes Logo And Nickname

Completely unrelated to the 2020 season restart and training camp restart, the NFL’s Washington Redskins will be retiring its logo and nickname to further promote its tradition-rich franchise without using the Native American imagery.

The review of the team’s decision to change its trademark name and logo started on July 3. After a series of talks with the NFL and other organizations, the Washington Redskins finally pushes through with the movement.

Ray Halbritter, Oneida Nation representative and head of Change the Mascot campaign was happy with the outcome. In an interview, Halbritter said:

“The NFL and Dan Snyder have finally made the right call and Change the Mascot commend them for it…This is a good decision for the country—not just Native peoples—since it closes a painful chapter of denigration and disrespect toward Native Americans and other people of color. Future generations of Native youth will no longer be subjected to this offensive and harmful slur every Sunday during football season.”

Halbritter, however, emphasized that the movement was never about political correctness, but preventing unnecessary harm to the youth. “We know from social scientists the many harmful effects this mascot has had on Native Americans’ self-image,” Halbritter added.

In other news, Carla Fredericks, the director of First Peoples Worldwide and one of the key persons fighting for Washington Redskins’ name change, insisted that the team’s current logo reminds her people of the racial injustices they’ve faced:

“There’s no other racial group in America that has endured what we’ve endured as Native Americans, that has had every Sunday when we turn on the TV and see what we’ve had to see and experience what we’ve had to experience, perpetuating that seems out of step with the broader discussion of racial justice in the current moment,” Fredericks said in an interview.

Washington’s iconic red logo of an American Indian chief was designed by Native American Walter “Blackie” Wetzel to depict a member of the Blackfeet tribe in 1971. The new name and logo, according to sources, will not include North American imagery anymore.

There’s nothing official from the team yet, but Washington’s owner Dan Snyder is already in talks with the league about a possible new name. If one can remember, Synder initially resisted changing the name of his team ever since groups and organizations called them out for it. Synder said that he would never make such a move until pressure from outside parties intensified this year.