How To Buy Bitcoins

How To Buy Bitcoins

Anyone can measure the magnitude of Bitcoin’s popularity by now. It soared high ever since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced it to the world in 2009. Years after that, almost everybody know what is Bitcoin and what can it do. It is the most ideal medium of payment for shopping, investments, online betting , and other forms of sports betting for many. With that in mind, it is important to know the best ways on how to buy bitcoins.

Once you have a Bitcoin wallet for storage, the rest will follow. Aside from properly storing your digital funds, you must also consider the fluctuation rate of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. It can go up and down in a blink of an eye.

Now that you already know the basics and you have chosen where to spend and use your bitcoins, know the easiest ways on how to buy bitcoins:

Bitcoin Exchange Sites – The most popular way on our list of how to buy bitcoins and sell bitcoins is to visit Bitcoin exchange sites or trading sites. If your region doesn’t have a Bitcoin ATM, this is the most convenient method for you since you just need an internet connection to access one. Do your research and list down all the most popular and reliable Bitcoin-exchange sites or apps. After that, narrow them down according to their supported countries, payment methods, transaction fees, transaction speed, online reputation, buying limits, exchange rates. Carefully consider the perfect match for you. Once you found one, register on the site and make a deal.

Special Bitcoin ATMs – Meanwhile, for those who have access to special Bitcoin ATM machine, this is possibly the most convenient way to buy bitcoins. These machines look like standard ATM machines, except that it doesn’t dispense cash. Most machines can be found in New York, California, and other surrounding areas. To check if there are ATMs near you, explore Bitcoin ATM maps online. If it’s available, ready your Bitcoin wallet address and accomplish the verification processes on the machine. Some machines ask for personal identification and mobile number verification for safety purposes. Nevertheless, the transaction is speedy and usually takes minutes to complete the transfer.