How To Sell Bitcoins

How to sell bitcoins

Innovations made by modern technology today are commendable. New products make living comfortable and more people take advantage of the Internet. There is, however, one product to rule them all: Bitcoin. Almost half of the population have heard of what it is. You may have heard of what is Bitcoin and its benefits. But in order for you to maximize the capabilities of the coin, you must also learn how to sell bitcoins.

This digital currency changed the way people buy and sell online. Today, Bitcoin’s uses include shopping, investments, and of course, NFL betting. Bitcoin owners have several favorable investment opportunities waiting if a user knows how to sell bitcoins.

Person to person trading

Person to person Bitcoin selling is the easiest way for the cryptocurrency to change hands. Any person in the world can buy bitcoins from you provided that you have a good reputation online or the buyer personally knows you. The negotiation and the deal itself will only be done between the two of you, but take extra caution when dealing with sellers you do now know personally. Once you’ve finalized the selling price with the seller, all you have to do is pay for the bitcoins in fiat, send your wallet address where you store your bitcoins, and wait for the transaction to finish. Typically, this process only takes a few minutes.

Bitcoin-exchange sites or apps

If person-to-person transactions aren’t your thing and if you no Bitcoin  ATMs are nearby, the next viable options is to visit a Bitcoin exchange site or download its app. For people who know how to sell bitcoins, Bitcoin exchange sites can serve as a go-to store for both selling and buying bitcoins using only the Internet. The site or app you have chosen readily gives the current exchange rate for bitcoins and will facilitate the best deal for the conditions you provide. These exchanges cater to both buyers and sellers of Bitcoin and is among the most convenient options for those who want to sell bitcoins for cash.

Bitcoin Special ATM machines

Another fast way to sell bitcoins is to visit nearby Bitcoin ATMs. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your area, check if it offers both buying and selling of bitcoins as some only allow the former. Register on the machine if you haven’t already. There’s no need to place your personal information. The Bitcoin ATM machine will provide the current Bitcoin exchange rate, the transaction fee, and the QR code. You need your mobile phone for verification and for scanning of QR codes.