Winning Matches, Hot Topics Fuel NFL 2020: Week 8

Winning Matches, Hot Topics Fuel NFL 2020: Week 8

The 8th week of the NFL’s 2020 season is over. For this Sunday’s action, the Pittsburgh Steelers remain to be the best team in the league. But that doesn’t mean other teams don’t deserve attention. Let’s take a look at the results from week 8 and see if any of the Bitcoin betting tips helped you secure winning picks.

Week 8 Highlights

According to critics, the Steelers from the American Football Conference – Northern Division (AFC North) weren’t on their ‘A’ game during their match against the Baltimore Ravens, but they won anyway. This result probably looks terrifying to other NFL teams, no matter the division. The Steelers narrowly defeated the Baltimore Ravens by four points, courtesy of a massive defensive effort and solid play from top players Ben Roethlisberger and James Conner.

If the Steelers were the best team last week, many agreed that the Cleveland Browns was the most disappointing team. If the Browns secured victory last Sunday, they’d be 6-2 and tied with the Ravens for second place in the AFC North standings. However, the Browns fell out of the ranks after a 16-6 loss to the Raiders.

Aside from the best and most disappointing teams, we also have the most controversial match this week. Chicago Bears’ Javon Wims was suspended by the NFL after punching New Orleans Saints’ defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in the helmet during the third quarter of the teams’ week 8 matches. Wims would miss the Bears’ games against the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings.

Steelers, Browns, Bears, and Saints will move on to week 9 with more challenging matches from their respective divisions. Below is the current NFL standings entering week 9:

NFL Standings


1). Bills (6-2)

2). Dolphins (4-3)

3). Patriots (2-5)

4). Jets (0-8)


1). Steelers (7-0)

2). Ravens (5-2)

3). Browns (5-3)

4). Bengals (2-5)


1). Titans (5-2)

2). Colts (5-2)

3). Texans (1-6)

4). Jaguars (1-6)


1). Chiefs (7-1)

2). Raiders (4-3)

3). Broncos (3-4)

4). Chargers (2-5)


1). Eagles (3-4-1)

2). Washington (2-5)

3). Cowboys (2-6)

4). Giants (1-7)


1). Packers (5-2)

2). Bears (5-3)

3). Lions (3-4)

4). Vikings (2-5)


1). Buccaneers (6-2)

2). Saints (5-2)

3). Panthers (3-5)

4). Falcons (2-6)


1). Seahawks (6-1)

2). Cardinals (5-2)

3). Rams (5-3)

4). 49ers (4-4)